Since the launch of our improved disc rotors with Ultracoat Z360, we have had many people ask “are coated rotors actually better?

So what is the big deal with Coated Rotors?

Coated brake rotors are a relatively new development in the braking category.

Changing vehicle design to improve fuel economy and air drag has meant more airflow to the wheel. Along with airflow, there is also more exposure to water, salt and other corrosive elements. Add to the mix Australia’s often harsh conditions, and you get a greater risk of rotor corrosion.

This is where Ultracoat Z360 comes in. Recently released, our new and improved core rotor range now comes standard with this protective coating.

A key benefit of Ultracoat is that it creates a protective barrier on the rotor surface to prevent corrosion, which increases the life of your brakes and improves the appearance of your rotor.

So what actually is Ultracoat Z360?

Ultracoat Z360 is a coating made from zinc and aluminium flakes, is water-based, chromium-free and environmentally friendly. It is applied over the whole disc rotor, offering total protection against rust and corrosion and allowing for optimal performance and longer life.

Protex coated disc rotors are more visually appealing on the car. No ugly rusted hats or vanes visible through the spokes.

And let’s not forget the benefit of improved fitting time and the potential to save on labour costs – something that mechanical workshops will no doubt be happy about. This is because the protective coating removes the need for cleaning, so mechanics can simply take the rotor out of the packet and fit it straight to your vehicle.

It is important to note that the coating is designed to be worn away in certain areas. Wherever the brake pad sweeps the rotor, the coating will be removed by the normal operation of the disc brake system. The coating that remains will continue to protect the hub, vanes, and rotor edges.

Coating Benefits Summary:

  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties to ensure your disc rotors last longer
  • Reduced fitting time due to no need to clean
  • No chance of pad contamination due to rust preventative oils
  • Visually pleasing on the car – No ugly rusted hats or vanes visible on the vehicle

The benefits don’t just stop there. Check out our range of coated brake rotors for more reasons why you should make the switch today!