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Protex Technology

Protex is a specialist brake brand, with over 30 years in the industry. We aim to deliver quality, range and availability at the right price.

Ultracoat Z360

Our exclusive surface coating is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions.

Ultracoat Z360 creates a protective barrier on the surface of our rotors to prevent corrosion, increase the life of your brakes and significantly improve the appearance of your rotor. Made from zinc and aluminium, this environmentally friendly formula is free from chromium and made to withstand the extreme heat of Australia’s roads.

You’ll also benefit from improved fitting time, saving on labour costs. This is because the protective coating removes the need for cleaning, so mechanics can simply take the rotor out of the packet and fit it straight to your vehicle.

This protective coating is now on all new Protex rotors, giving you assurance that your rotor will go the distance while performing at its best.

Ultra-Quiet Ceramic Formulation

In Australia, we can face challenging road conditions including dust and extreme heat. Our ceramic formula creates brake pads that can handle high temperatures with less heat fade, resulting in better pad and rotor wear. Ceramic pads also generate less dust, so you can enjoy cleaner wheels and less impact on the environment.

Our multi-layered metallic shim absorbs sound and minimises vibration for quieter braking. Chamfer and slotting also reduces friction, to further lessen vibration and prevent noise.

For reduced bedding time, Protex pads are scorched at the factory, where the high heat removes gases or resins left on the pad. This optimised pad surface means you’ll get instant braking performance straight from the box.

High-Carbon Formula

Durable even at high brake temperatures, our high-carbon rotor is well suited for Australia’s roads.

The high-carbon composition helps reduce brake noise and vibration, and performs better in challenging driving conditions. With increased heat capacity to prevent warping or cracking, our rotors are designed to withstand stress and provide excellent braking performance, even when the rotor is pushed to its limits.

Unique Pillar Design

Our unique pillar design allows for more efficient cooling. Multiple vane designs, including pillar, straight and curved vanes, help to optimise heat dissipation for longer brake life.

The correct vane design depends on the vehicle and how it’s used. For example, straight vanes  can require less material and therefore be lighter weight and ideal for everyday street driving, while curved rotor vanes provide improved heat capacity for high performance in challenging driving conditions. We use the right vane design for the application, rather than having the same design for everything we make.

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