Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, especially when it comes to safety. Plus, looking after your brakes can prevent expensive damage to your car. That’s why it’s important to do regular brake maintenance and ensure they’re working effectively.

To stay safe on the road and help your car perform at its best, follow these steps to looking after your brakes.

Get your brakes checked

Good brakes are essential for safe driving, so it pays to get them inspected regularly. Have your brakes checked once a year to make sure they’re working as they should, and help prevent more expensive problems down the track.

Regular checks will prevent most problems, but you should also take action if you notice issues with your brakes between inspections. Make sure you know the signs your brakes need to be replaced, and change your brakes at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

Inspect your brake fluid

You should check your brake fluid levels regularly to make sure it’s topped up. This fluid is responsible for moving various parts of your vehicle’s braking system, so it’s necessary for safe driving and is a crucial part of brake maintenance. Low levels of fluid also puts extra strain on your brakes.

While you’re checking the level, look at how clean the fluid appears. Contaminated brake fluid can change how your brakes operate, so If it’s dark in colour or looks dirty, it’s time to have it flushed.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, and if the moisture content becomes high it can corrode your vehicle and lead to brake fade. A good guide is to replace your brake fluid every two years.

Avoid sudden braking

To help your brakes last, it pays to avoid sudden stops. This puts less pressure on your car’s brakes and means they don’t need to work as hard, helping to preserve them over time.

Try coasting to slow down when you can, before you apply your brakes. If you see a red light or turn ahead, take your foot off the accelerator well before you need to brake, letting the engine do some of the work of slowing your car down.

Likewise, avoid following other vehicles too closely so you won’t need to brake suddenly or unnecessarily. You’ll not only help your brakes last, you’ll avoid potential accidents too.

Invest in good brakes

High-quality brakes will last longer and perform better, so they’re worth investing in. Different vehicles will need different brake parts to suit the driving you do , so keep that in mind when making your selection.

Look for brake parts that are made for Australia’s harsh climate, and if you’ll be doing heavy-duty driving, towing large loads or heading off-road, find high-performance brakes  made for the job.