4WD owners are very familiar with vehicle modifications.  Whether it be new tyres, upgraded suspension, winches or snorkels, there are no shortage of options to choose from.  Modifications enhance your vehicle’s personality and increases your ability to take the hard road, allowing you to explore further than before. But what about your brakes? Brakes are often forgotten, as they are more functional than aesthetic, but good 4WD brakes can improve safety and help when you’re on or off the roads.

Braking is paramount when 4WDing

One common thing that is overlooked when adding modifications to a 4WD vehicle is the added weight.  The braking system whilst 4WDing is put under enormous pressure. So this extra weight adds more load onto the braking system. The last thing you want is to get to the top of a long, slippery and treacherous climb and not have 100% confidence that you can safely manoeuvre the descent. You need to be sure that the brake pads are going to grip cleanly to the rotors and the rotors continue to perform consistently, without overheating.  The extra heat and stress imposed by heavy duty use means that your brakes need to be in excellent condition to work flawlessly.

Withstand the heat

A fully loaded 4WD, navigating hours of steep inclines, declines and off-road tracks can impose an enormous amount of heat on the braking system. The brakes that come standard on your vehicle, while perfectly suitable for everyday driving, may not be built to cope with the intense heat that often comes with towing heavy loads or navigating steep hills.  Furthermore, with most cars relying on ABS system to control their vehicle down steep descent, the stress on your brakes can be extreme. Add to the mix half a tonne of gear and mods weighing your vehicle down, and you may find that your current braking system is inadequate.

Upgrade your 4WD braking power

Instead of just replacing your brake pads, you should consider upgrading your existing braking system with better quality, built for the job, 4WD brakes. The Protex Ultra 4WD braking line-up is engineered specifically for demanding off-road conditions and heavy duty use. The high carbon formulation and unique vane designs on Protex Ultra 4WD rotors allow for efficient cooling to give you maximum stopping power at high braking temperatures. Additionally, this thermal stability is important when driving through water crossings, as it reduces the risk of warping your rotors. Protex 4WD rotors come with a custom 6 slot design further improving stopping power and resistance to pad glazing.  And the Ultracoast Z360 coating on the 4WD rotor range ensures that your rotors are equipped to go the distance with anti-corrosion protection. Coupled with our Ultra 4WD brake pads and you will have peace of mind that your brakes are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of Australia’s tough terrain. Just what you need when you are putting your vehicle through its paces.

So next time you’re thinking about modifying your 4WD, maybe you should consider upgrading your brakes.