4wd climbing a hill in outback

4WD Brakes: The Forgotten Modification

4WD owners are very familiar with vehicle modifications.  Whether it be new tyres, upgraded suspension, winches or snorkels, there are no shortage of options to choose from.  Modifications enhance your vehicle’s personality and increases your ability to take the hard road, allowing you to explore further than before. But what about your brakes? Brakes are …

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4WD river crossing - are your brakes copper-free?

Are Your Brakes Copper-Free?

Brake pads used to contain flecks of Copper. This copper assisted in conducting and resisting heat, achieving a smooth braking experience and preventing brakes from squeaking and shuddering. Many people, however, do not realise that tiny copper particles from brake pads negatively affect the environment. Do you know if your brakes are Copper-Free? How do …

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