Disc Brake Pads

ultra-brake-pads-small-1-243x160PROTEX ULTRA DISC BRAKE PADS

You can fit PROTEX ULTRA DISC BRAKE PADS safe in the knowledge you are fitting a premium disc pad which will stop a vehicle effectively while delivering durability and quiet operation.

  • Manufacturing process utilises the advanced friction technology of positive mold – this ensures consistent compressibility and results in quiet operation and greater pad life
  • Our new premium ceramic formulation contains ceramic and copper fibres which are proven to dissipate heat
  • Protex ultra friction material remains stable under a wide range of temperature sensuring consistent superior performance
  • Less abrasive formulation which minimises rotor wear – a primary cause of wheel dust
  • Triple layer advanced shim technology consists of a steel shim encased in specially formulated nitrile rubber to reduce pad vibration – a leading cause of squeal
  • Perform well from cold, with a stable friction coefficient up to 500 degrees


Protex Blue is formulated from quality non-asbestos materials and is recommended for the general purpose driving that makes up our suburban and city commuting. Designed to provide extended life and fade resistance, the Protex Blue range delivers smooth braking performance in every regular driving situation.

  • Excellent value for moneyblue brake pads
  • Suitable for light to moderate braking
  • Shimmed to reduce vibration noise
  • Low dust and low noise
  • Good stopping power
  • Meets European Regulations


Designed and manufactured with the goal of meeting the challenge of effectively stopping 4WD vehicles, Protex 4WD brake pads are a certainty.

4x4 brake padsExtensive testing in all conditionsand the harshest terrains has produced only positive results. Innovative technology specifically matches each vehicle to its most compatible friction material, ensuring reliable braking performance.

  • Shimmed to reduce noise
  • Prolonged pad life
  • Effective braking even at high temperatures
  • Excellent fade resistance
  • Suitable for city, rural, towing and intrepid off-road driving


PROTEX PLUS uses steel strands within a non-asbestos,metallic brake pad to provide strength and conduct heat away from rotors. Specifically designed for heavy duty applications, the Protex Plus range is ideal for front wheel drives, utilities and light commercial vehicles. No matter what the vehicle Protex PLUS delivers smooth braking performance,reduces brake dust and minimises fade and squeal.

  • Suitable for moderate to heavy braking and towingplus brake pads
  • Extensive Australian, American, Japanese and European references
  • Long Lasting semi metallic technology
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