Commercial Clutch

Protex’s alliance with Exedy, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, provides customers with one of the best commercial clutch offerings available.

commercial clutchOur range of Protex clutch sees us with over 1200 references available. The vehicle coverage is second to none. The quality of Protex clutches is outstanding. Protex clutches are purpose built and use only the best possible and most suitable components.

Whether it’s a complete clutch kit or individual components you seek, we can assist in your needs.


  • High clamp loads to cope with heavy loads
  • Choice of organic or cerametallic friction material
  • Choice of 7,8,9 or 10 spring centre clutch plates
  • Torque ratings from 1150 ft/lbs to 2250 ft/lbs
  • High quality springs and dampening mechanisms for shock reduction
  • Large cover assembly windows for heat dispersion
commercial disc rotors

Disc Rotors & Drums

The Protex Range of commercial disc rotors and drums has been established and proven in the market for over a fifteen years. Protex disc rotors and drums are now recognised as a leading brand in the automotive aftermarket. The range now has over 2100 references.

Both hat and hub type rotors are available for most vehicles.

All Protex rotors and drums are manufactured by world class manufacturers.

Proven Protex brake drums exclusively distributed by AAD are manufactured to exacting standards meeting or exceeding SAEJ431. This ever increasing range has proven over the last decade to be of the highest standard and reliability.

Disc Rotors for commercial vehicles are obviously becoming more prevalent in the Australian market and to meet this demand Protex has introduced an extensive and rapidly developing range.

Commercial Hardware

Protex offers an extensive range of commercial hardware including all those items required in the repair or replacement of truck and trailer axles.

All components are manufactured by or imported from world leading international suppliers.

  • Camshaftscommercial hardware
  • Rollers
  • Anchor Pins
  • Retainers
  • Hub Caps
  • Slack Adjusters
  • Springs
  • Bushes
  • Wheel clamps, studs & nuts

Brake Lining Sets & Disc Pads


Protex Standard:
Protex brake lining sets are manufactured using state of the art non asbestos technology and are FF rated with good brake lining life and excellent drum wear characteristics. They provide stable, reliable and quiet operation. All brake lining sets are complete with rivets shrunk wrapped or boxed as per customers requirements. General use; a life span in excess of 40,000km under normal driving conditions can be expected.
Undrilled linings are also available.

Protex Transit:
Superior performing, premium quality Protex Transit linings are ideally suited to buses and trucks doing a lot of inner city high frequency stopping. With a friction rating of FE, Protex Transit lining is built to go the distance and handle the load.


In meeting the transition from Drum to Disc brakes, Protex have introduced a range of commercial vehicle disc pads which is continually being developed.

Protex Commercial vehicle disc brake pads are highly suited to our ever changing market.

Suited to general use. A premium grade of friction material rated at a FF friction rating. Protex Commercial vehicle disc pads are available in a wide range of applications. Protex are economically priced for the budget conscious.

hydraulic fittings

Hydraulic Fittings

Protex offers a quality range of Protex Commercial Hydraulic Fittings & Accessories.


  • Male Pipe Adaptors
  • Copper Gaskets
  • Hose & Pipe Clamps
  • Copper Nickle Tubing
  • Pipe Elbows
  • Pipe Joiners
  • Pipe Tees
  • Bundy Tubing
  • Adaptors
  • Flare Joiners
  • Flare Nuts
  • Banjo Unions
  • Banjo Bolts
  • Differential Unions (3 Way)
  • Bleeder Crews

Contact your local stockist for your copy of the latest BP Catalogue.

air brake

Air Brake

The Protex range of air brake components was the foundation of the Protex Commercial vehicle product range. From the Air Compressor to the Springbrake, the Protex air brake range is complete and suits USA, European and Japanese vehicle applications.

Air brakes are traditionally fitted to large commercial vehicles. These vehicles come in many different configurations. Some systems are exclusively Air operated and others use a combination of air and hydraulic systems.

A complete and complimentary range of repair kits and individual components, are also available.

The Protex Airbrake range includes:

  • Airpacks
  • Air valves
  • Assemblies
  • Components
  • Compressors
  • Couplings
  • Fittings
  • Hose and Tube
  • Repair kits
  • Springbrakes
  • Tanks
  • Trailer Actuation Kits