Brake Lining Sets & Disc Pads


Protex Standard:
Protex brake lining sets are manufactured using state of the art non asbestos technology and are FF rated with good brake lining life and excellent drum wear characteristics. They provide stable, reliable and quiet operation. All brake lining sets are complete with rivets shrunk wrapped or boxed as per customers requirements. General use; a life span in excess of 40,000km under normal driving conditions can be expected.
Undrilled linings are also available.

Protex Transit:
Superior performing, premium quality Protex Transit linings are ideally suited to buses and trucks doing a lot of inner city high frequency stopping. With a friction rating of FE, Protex Transit lining is built to go the distance and handle the load.


In meeting the transition from Drum to Disc brakes, Protex have introduced a range of commercial vehicle disc pads which is continually being developed.

Protex Commercial vehicle disc brake pads are highly suited to our ever changing market.

Suited to general use. A premium grade of friction material rated at a FF friction rating. Protex Commercial vehicle disc pads are available in a wide range of applications. Protex are economically priced for the budget conscious.

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